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Since the very beginning, over 100 years ago, men have been traveling to Las Vegas looking for opportunity. Whether it be in the form of a high paying job, or lady luck paying a kind token to unsuspecting gamblers. And where there are men working or playing, there are men looking for quality female contact and entertainment.

You need to share a piece of that rich tradition. You need to experience the hot breath, and soft skin of a beautiful female stripper. Dancing nude, playing games, teasing in the best possible ways. This is part of Las Vegas history. Now make these sensual ladies part of your personal history. Sin City provides all the opportunity needed to quench the erotic thirst of even the most experienced visitors.

We offer the full adult entertainment experience. And with these high class escorts services you also receive the piece of mind that comes form working with a fully licensed and established business. So when there are questions, issues, or special requests, you have a brick and mortar company in the background to rely on for quick service and answers. And with this new found piece of mind you are able to fully relax and let your guard down. Now you can really get involved with the awesome female spectacle you are about to witness. And when we say get involved, we mean that literally. This is not a Las Vegas strip club. This is your own private VIP room where you are the boss. So any silly hands off policy can stay at the dark, stinky gentleman's clubs. You are about to have the most beautiful woman you have every seen dancing naked in your lap! Go ahead and touch if you like. You never know, she may just touch back. So there you have it boys, (and girls), these are just a few of the great reasons you should choose high class escorts as your “Go To” agency for the greatest and most reliable entertainment in Vegas.

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Choosing a fully licensed, insured, and trusted outcall agency in Las Vegas is the only essential step in achieving guaranteed results. No business in town lasts without doing way more than necessary to service a customer. We have lasted the longest, and built that trust you need now! We hear the horror stories all the time from customers who were given bad advice from some taxi driver. And ultimately they all paid the high price of learning how not to find adult entertainment independently. One of the worse mistakes you could make will be to allow anyone on the street, in a taxicab, in a limousine, or at the valet stand, to arrange for strangers to come to your hotel room for recreational adult entertainment. These people do not have your best interest at heart, and they are only leading you to the street hustlers who offer the highest kickbacks. Then the unsuspecting customers wind up getting short changed for money, time, and performance. And when they leave you feeling used and cheated, there is no complaint department! Unless of course you happen upon that unscrupulous cabbie that lead you astray in the first place. Instead why not just relax and enjoy the security of knowing we are here for you. Every minute of every day, there are managers in this office who will answer your calls, solve your problems, and send you the finest, bad ass chicks that were ever put on the face of this earth! So please start here where you will be well taken car of and guaranteed to leave Sin City with a big smile on your face.

How will you choose the perfect Dancer to suit every individual need for complete party success?

There are a multitude of ways to select the Las vegas escorts that appeal to you most. None of them are wrong. This is always a matter of personal preference that depends 100% on the customers wishes and tastes. Pictures are certainly worth a thousand words, so a great place to start will be to choose the girl that looks tike the fantasy you've been having. Here you will get an immediate sense of what each individual escorts personality might be like. For instance, if you look for the photo of “Angelina”, it would appear that she might be sweet and classy. And your assumptions would be correct. Then, on the other hand, if you see the images of “Sherrie”, you may be struck with the impression that she is a really naughty girl looking for someone to cause trouble with. And again, you would be 100% accurate. So beginning with the photographs will answer all your first questions. The next step will be to either call the office, or Email the target dancer and ask about her availability. All you need to do next is have a drink and wait about a half hour. That knock at the door isn't pizza! Or maybe it is, but right after that an amazingly beautiful woman will be there to do whatever it is you have planned for the evening.

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Do you really want to go to the strip club? OK, you want to see some strippers dance and get friendly with a couple of girls. Perhaps even sneak off to a dark corner for personal attention, or off to the VIP for some sophisticated ass grinding. Well, those lap dances in the corner will cost $20 each minimum and $150 each if you get a real hustler!

Now let's investigate the classy bunch of guys that you will be sharing your entertainment with. Some will have been sitting there all day, and will look, smell, and act like trash. Lucky you, they have also had their disgusting hands all over the stripper that has caught your eye. And then as if it was getting too good already, you get to share the bathroom with these refined men.

So, to recap, with a strip club in Las Vegas you get overcharged for human contact, spend time sharing personal space with some real gross guys, and get to share women with them as well.

Now, when you order the show to your hotel suite for private adult entertainment, you get a clean plush sanitary environment. Adult entertainment that is delivered exclusively for you and not 1 single other person. And escort service rates that are far more reasonable than even a few lap dances at the most reasonably priced club.

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We never work with girls who just need a job. We look for that passion and fire behind the gorgeous eyes of every escort that shows she was born to be an entertainer. We need to see the sensuality and hunger that our customers depend on.

Some girls think quick money falls from the sky if they show up and drop their clothes for 20 minutes. These are the girls that belong hustling lap dances in urine soaked Las Vegas strip clubs.

When you call our outcall agency, you will meet a woman who truly wants to come over. A girl that is literally struck with jubilant excitement at the very notion of receiving your call. We are offering all this and more with a mere phone call to get the ball rolling.

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