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Las Vegas for Adults Only and Other Nightlife


Nightlife in Las Vegas for Adults Only

Sin City is showing more skin every year. When it comes to safe and sexy adults-only nightlife in Las Vegas, some spots are hotter than others.

Adult-Only Clubs

The best way to find the hottest current adults-only nightlife is to ask when you arrive in town. All clubs will have ways to make your bachelor or bachelorette feel special, either by inviting them on stage, giving them a private dance, or arranging a VIP room! Some clubs will even send a limo to pick up your party. Just remember, everything in Vegas costs money. Everything.

Well-known clubs like Glitter Gulch, Spearmint Rhino and Jaguar all have both great and terrible reviews. Like anything, as clubs change hands so does the quality of their entertainment. Olympic Garden’s male review, ‘The Men of Olympus’, seems to get consistent high marks with women. Gilley’s Bar is memorable for its mechanical bull and the strippers who ride it.

Nude vs. Topless vs. Burlesque

Las Vegas has the entire spectrum of nudie bars, topless shows, and sexy acrobatics. Pick the clothing-level that suits your party. If you want to see full nudity, you will be unhappy at a burlesque show; burlesque is largely comedy. If negotiating payment with a naked woman makes you uncomfortable, avoid nudie bars. Always be careful of what you drink and what gets slipped into it. Generally, the more clothes the girls are wearing, the less chance you’ll get scammed. Burlesque performers often drag audience members up on stage. If you embarrass easily, sit in the back.

Just Pay the Cover

In Vegas, you’re paying either way. Whether it’s a $20 cover charge, common for most clubs, or the mandatory purchase of two drinks, the club will get paid somehow. Instead of spending half your night trying to dodge covers, focus on finding a safe, clean place for your party to party.

Dress to Impress

Dressing up in Las Vegas means more than a clean t-shirt and Birkenstocks. The nicer you dress, the more attention you will get by hosts, doormen, maître d’s, etc. If you are dressed too casually, many clubs will not let you in. Note: these are the clubs you probably want to get in to.

Cash is Key

Bring dollar bills to the strip club, but not just for the reason you think. A very common scam involves credit cards. When guests are intoxicated, staff run up bills and fake signatures on receipts. Refunds are hard to get. If you pay in cash, that scam can’t touch you. Keep your money where a lap dancer can’t get at it and don’t pay for anything with a $50 bill. The girls will act like they don’t have change. Most clubs have a booth to “break” large bills. Count all change carefully.

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