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New York Night Clubs

Know throughout the world for some of the hippest clubs, New York stands out for the revolutionary and amazing club scene. Lets face reality here for a second. New York sets the bar for clubs excellence no matter where you are. Taking the club scene to a new level the 40/40 Club in New York is one example of a world class establishment. Many clubs in New York offer some of the best food you can find. Great music, fantastic food and you can never forget the hot girls at the clubs.

Club Lotus has been around for a while in New York and is regarded as an upscale club. The drink prices at on their fantastic food and bottles of alcohol. You would think having an upscale restaurant and night club together would get rather annoying with the sounds and lights but the club is separated by the different floors of the building. If you are wanting to impress a lady this place is the right club for you. This is truly a world class club.

The 40/40 Club has become very popular for the residents of New York. It does help one of the partners of the project is hip hops Jay-Z. The night club was designed to entertain everyone in your group. You will never be dissatisfied with the 40/40 Club. The 40/40 Club is also one of New Yorks larger clubs able to be filled with over 500 people. You will find many celebrities coming to the 40/40 Club on nights. Can you blame them for wanting to show up to this four million dollar club.

2is club located in Greenwich Village is the dominating club in that area. You will find a large array of music being played at this New York night club. Rap, Hip Hop, Reggae and R&B are some of the types of music which will be played here. We had a blast when we were there and understand why 2i is a popular night club. We really loved the lounge area which I enjoyed since I am not a big dancer. We just usually sit back and relax in the Lounge area unless we find a nice looking female to dance with.