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After getting to know many strippers in Hawaii, when I lived there I finally made a conclusion to what makes these ladies tick. There are a lot of stereo types about strippers doing drugs, living crazy lives and pretty much being whores. I know this is not true. Many of the strippers I have met at different clubs are great girls just using what god gave them to earn a living. I have met several girls who are in college just working at strip clubs to help pay for school. We all know those student loans are terrible. So who could blame these girls? I praise them, because there are too many people so uptight about their own sexuality and refer to sex as a god awful activity. Some of these girls may have substance abuse problems but what occupation does not?

Female strippers have to be the best party companions. There is nothing better than a girl who is comfortable with their own bodies and loves to flaunt what they got. I love girls who want to get all the attention in the room. Heck, when Iím with a girl like that and dating her you know all the other guys are jealous. You always have to remember the look and donít touch rule when at a strip club. It is always very respectful to the ladies and the strip club itself. No one likes an A hole and the ladies are there for your viewing pleasure and maybe a little body to body contact.