Chicago Night Clubs
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Chicago Night Clubs
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Chicago Night Clubs

We are very anxious to visit Chicago to hit the night clubs there. We have heard some amazing and exciting stories about the different night clubs here. What would you say is the perfect time to get to the club? In our travels we have heard so many opinions it is crazy, from small clubs to large ones each person seems to have their own opinion. We found many people believe it is best to get to the club an hour ahead of the main event, on the other hand some people prefer to get to the night club right as the event is starting. I honestly suggest get there a half hour ahead of the clubs event that is if there are not different variables such as long lines or anything like that. Pretty much just get there when you feel its best.

Like I said above we canít wait to go to Chicago to see what each club has to offer. There are so many clubs it is going to be an amazing time. If you have a review of a club feel free and contact us, to let us know how you felt about the night club.

Chi-Town has it going on when it comes to having an amazing nightlife. The reason why the nightlife is so great in Chicago is because of the awesome nightclubs that can be found in Chicago! Chicago would definitely have to be in the top 4 when it comes to nightclubs and nightlife. The only other cities or states that can compare to Chicago when it comes to nightclubs and nightlife are Las Vegas, New York, and Miami. As you can see, Chicago is in good company when it comes to the fantastic nightclubs. Hit up all of the elite nightclubs when you are in Chicago. This is your chance to hang out with big time players and get in with the in crowd. This is where connections can be made to further your career as well as your social life! You will meet all kinds of interesting people in the nightclubs of Chicago! I mean if you are in a funk in your life you can always go to the clubs of Chicago to break out of the funk that you are in!

The top 10 night clubs in Chicago would have to be Crobar Chicago, Reserve, MAXBAR, Transit, MODA, Wet, Four, Mansion, Katacomb, and Cabaret. These are the hottest 10 nightclubs in all of Chicago so if didnt know before, now you know! Crobar has been voted the best nightclub in Chicago and it is a main staple in the nightlife world not just in Chicago but in terms of every nightclub in the USA looking to Crobar for ideas. Crobar has really revolutionized the way that nightclubs are presented and what goes on on the inside! Crobar may seriously be the best nightclub in the United States which is saying a hell of a lot since there are so many great nightclubs all over the world! Crobar is definitely the most electrifying nightclub in nightclub entertainment today!!!!!!!!! There simply isnt anything else like it in the United States except for the other Crobar nightclubs in New York and Miami South Beach. But of course there is never anything quite like the original now is there!!