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The Carolinas just may be the premier spot for Strip clubs along the whole east coast or at least competing to have the best strip clubs. There are so many strip clubs in the Carolinas that it is just amazing! There really is something for everyone no matter if you are in South Carolina or North Carolina. There is always a wide selection of females who are stripping the night away at any one of the various clubs located in either one of the Carolinas. You can find all types of girls in these Strip clubs. You can find blondes, brunettes, redheads, ebony, Latina, asian, etc. My point is that there is a variety of different looking women so you can have a bigger selection in just exactly it is you are looking for whey you visit any one of these fine strip clubs.

You can also get great prices on everything when you are visiting these Strip clubs. If there is a cover charge, it is cheap usually only $10. No body wants to see an overpriced cover charge so it is always a plus when there is no cover charge and usually locals always get in for free. You can also have access to full alcohol bars in most of the strip clubs in the Carolinas. All you have to do is be at least 21 years of age and you can do all the drinking you want at a fairly reasonable price in most cases. You can find drinks as cheap as 3 dollars which is in comparison to pennies in the strip club pricing of drinks. You will usually find that the drinks are overpriced but in the Carolinas they are usually pretty fair in their pricing. Lap dances are the best in the Carolinas without a shadow of a doubt. From their low prices to the incredible women that give them, the lap dance experience in the Carolinas is just an absolute positive one! So when you are in the Carolinas, go nuts and have an all out wild time in the Strip clubs that cater to you! You will love every minute of it!

We don’t believe there is quite a place like North and South Carolina when it comes to strip clubs. The clubs here are quite typical of the styles East Coast strip clubs usually have. One popular destination is the Secrets Cabaret chain which now has five clubs and has their act together, bringing you high class ladies who will blow your socks off. We did notice that the strip clubs here love their strippers in uniforms and who can blame them these girls look amazing. Aside from the seriousness of Secrets, Derriere’s is a place you can go to have a lot of fun with the boys with all the comforts of home and then some. This is one of the only clubs we have seen which allow you to bring your own beer. I find that a bit humorous but its true. If you wish for some good hard liquor, be sure to hit the store before 7 pm.