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When we visited Boston we found a great assortment of different clubs, lounges, and bars. There was not one place we could just visit, we found out each club has their own different theme to set them apart from their competition. I don’t think there was a club we didn’t enjoy while we were in Boston. One club we did like when reviewing different places was The Foundation Lounge / Club. This club is geared more for a mature audience. This was just a lounge but it still got our attention with their modern décor which had a nice hint of retro styling mixed in. We really liked the privacy the booths gave you when wishing to speak with someone. If you wanted a bit more intimacy you would like to check out the coves which were perfect for a little more personal time. When we visited The Foundation Lounge / Club we hung out around the circular couch near the beautiful fireplace. It was a great place for a group of people to kick back and relax.

Oh man you could get into some trouble with all of the fantastic nightclubs that are available to you in Boston. Boston has one of the greatest night lives not only in the United States but in the world! For one there seems to be hundreds of nightclubs for people to party at. Secondly, not only are there so many nightclubs but there are so many nightclubs that are of great quality. This is a rare thing to find, an abundance of nightclubs that are of great quality! In some states you may find that there are a lot of nightclubs but they may be of poor quality. Boston is really one of a kind when it comes to nightclubs, especially quality nightclubs! Boston is definitely in the top 5 when it comes to nightclubs in general! Here are some of the hottest nightclubs in Boston- Embassy, Modern, Roxy, 360 UltraLounge, Aria, Avalon, Axis, Boston Rocks, Boston Waves, Club 58, Club Europa, Club Level, Club Lidos, Club Q, FELT Boston, Golden Spot, Gypsy Bar, High Street Grille, ID, Jake Ivorys, La Boom, Machine, Matrix, OPAL LOUNGE, Pure, Q, and Whos On First?

These are the hottest nightclubs, lounges, and bars in Boston. As you probably already knew, there all all ton of incredible night life options for you and your friends all nights of the week! Any one of these hot spots would be one incredible experience and a hell of a time! Dont just settle for always going to the same place or even just a couple of the places. You want to experience multiple things in life so why not spread out your experiences throughout all of these great night clubs and bars! If you like sports you should definitely make a stop over at Whos on First?, This is every mans perfect sports bar! Any one of the dance clubs would be ideal for you if you like to shake it. But if I had to pick one dance club, it would probably have to be Avalon or Roxy!