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Orlando Strip Club Listings
Venue Phone E-mail Address City
Baby Dolls (407) 438-9976 N/A 5526 S. Orange Blossom Trail Orlando
Thee Grotto (407) 841-2008 N/A 110 N Orange Av Orlando
Highlife Ente... (407) 246-1599 N/A 54 N Orange Av Orlando
George's Hide ... (407) 291-6562 N/A 5507 Edgewater Dr Orlando
Edna's Place (407) 275-6530 N/A 4076 S Goldenrod Rd Orlando
Thee Doll Hou... (407) 858-1319 N/A 5570 S. Orange Blossom Trail Orlando
Crystal Caber... (407) 294-9994 N/A 6606 N. Orange Blossom Trail Orlando
Cleo's (407) 839-8559 N/A 1310 Orange Blossom Trail Orlando
Diamond Club (407) 737-2130 N/A 527 N. Semoran Blvd. Orlando
Temptations (407) 245-7699 N/A 2201 S. Orange Blossom Trail Orlando
Rachel's South (407) 858-9800 8701 S. Orange Ave. Orlando
International... (407) 858-1320 N/A 5581 S. Orange Blossom Trail Orlando
Dancers Royal... (407) 281-0120 5221 E. Colonial Dr Orlando
Temptations (407) 245-7699 N/A 2201 S Orange Blossom Tr Orlando
Orlando Strip Club Overview

Orlando Strip Clubs

Are you in Orlando and are looking for something that can fill the void in your life or maybe you just want to experience a good time with a lot of adult entertainment? In this instance, you can just take a visit to the Strip clubs of Orlando and these strip clubs are sure to entertain the hell out of you! They provide great environments and have sexy girls working in their clubs. I mean we are in Florida and there are gorgeous women all over the place in Orlando so it makes sense that the Strip Clubs are packed with sexy women from front to back! The strip clubs that are in Orlando are as followed- Baby Dolls, Cabaret Internationale South, Cleo's, Crystal Cabaret, Dancers Royale, Diamond Club, Rachel's South, Temptations, and Thee Doll House. If you are in Orlando you should definitely check out Dancers Royale! This strip club is a Pastie Club, has over 30 female dancers and they provide table dances as well as lap dances! The dance prices are only $10 so you really get a bang for your buck! As a matter of fact this is the best strip club in Orlando and the best place to get the best bang for your buck! The club has the best girls in Orlando!

It may be a little small but the trip to Dancers Royale is well worth it! The girls can actually dance also, they aren't amateurs like you will find at other clubs, here they really know what they are doing! You also have access to a full bar so you can drink all of the alcohol that you desire! Everyone is always welcome to the Dancers Royale and the featured acts are all the rage at this club! So if you have the time to visit a strip club in Orlando, the best choice would have to be the Dancers Royale! You should also visit some of the other strip clubs in Orlando as well because people have different preferences and some people might want a bigger club to attend so they dont feel as claustrophobic as they might if the Dancers Royale was jam packed. Mix it up a little when you are in Orlando so you can compare and contrast all of the strip clubs so you know first hand just how good or bad they really are!

Upon visiting Orlando we believe this must be one of Floridaís finest cities. Visiting the local strip clubs in Orlando was just as amazing as Orlando itself. The strippers here are living it up in the sun with beautifully golden tanned bodies. Who can blame them? With the alluring scenery, the sun makes the water look like gold upon setting. With an upscale vacation culture Orlando was a place to remember and enjoy. Rachelís strip club is an excellent example of how a world class strip club should appear. In addition to the fantastic strippers, this club has a five star restaurant with the best hand picked chefs Orlando has to offer. Delicious food and even better tasting women, Rachelís strip club is the place to be in Orlando. Forget fast food for lunch, this strip club has a great lunch buffet with a spice of adult entertainment for desert. You will find over 500 different strippers working for the different Rachelís strip clubs not only in Orlando but also throughout Florida. There are two different locations in the Orlando area for your gentleman club fun. The clubs are well placed in Orlando with one being on the North side of town while the other is in the Southern portion of Orlando.

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