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Houston Strip Club Listings
Venue Phone E-mail Address City
Ricks North (281) 999-7891 410 N Sam Houston Parkway Houston
Harlem Knights (713) 699-9434 N/A 9834 Jensen Drive Houston
Tigers Den N/A N/A 5608 North Shepherd Houston
Baby Dolls (713) 975-7633 N/A 6340 Westheimer Rd. Houston
Babes (713) 781-3675 N/A 5614 Hillcroft St. Houston
Caligula XXI (713) 974-2100 N/A 2618 Winrock Blvd. Houston
Centerfolds (713) 952-0799 N/A 6166 Richmond Ave. Houston
Colorado Bar (713) 781-1122 N/A 6710 SW Fwy. Houston
Chances Cabare... (281) 820-6833 N/A 11415 N Fwy. Houston
La Chatte Cabe... N/A N/A 13335 Duluth St. Houston
Glamour Girls (713) 462-1700 N/A 14428 Hempstead Rd. Houston
Legs Cabaret (713) 242-6555 N/A 8307 Gulf Freeway Houston
Ricks South (281) 481-4447 15301 Gulf Freeway Houston
Gold Cup (713) 460-0171 12747 NW Freeway Houston
St. James (281) 821-8487 N/A 555 Rankin Rd Houston
Trophy Club (281) 875-1050 1050 W. Rankin Rd. #280 Houston
Treasures (713) 629-6200 5647 Westheimer Rd. Houston
The Mens Club (713) 629-7900 3303 Sage Road Houston
Ricks Cabaret (713) 785-0444 3113 Bering Dr. Houston
Ritz (713) 944-6445 10520 Gulf Fwy. Houston
Cover Girls (713) 937-7772 10310 W Little York Rd. Houston
Fantasy Cabare... (281) 999-4551 N/A 8503 North Fwy. Houston
Passion (281) 445-6300 N/A 7928 N Shepherd Dr. Houston
Exotica (713) 943-2688 N/A 12330 Gulf Fwy. Houston
Splendor (281) 477-3000 N/A 7440 W Greens Rd. Houston
HI-10 Cabaret (713) 450-2914 N/A 11927 E. Fwy. Houston
Houston Dolls (281) 443-1819 N/A 313 East Rankin Rd. #H Houston
Kandi Land (713) 674-7025 N/A 6324 Martin Luther King Houston
Gigis Cabaret (713) 686-3401 N/A 11150 Northwest Fwy. Houston
XTC (713) 783-2500 N/A 6009 Beverly Hill Houston
Club Onyx (713) 785-0444 N/A 3113 Bering Drive Houston
Encounters (713) 532-0840 N/A 5718 Fairdale Houston
Chics Cabaret (713) 670-8438 N/A 10255 E Fwy. Houston
Solid Platinum (713) 680-1414 N/A 2732 West T.C. Jester Blvd. Houston
Obsession (713) 957-3927 N/A 6002 Antoine Dr. #J Houston
Texas Dolls (713) 987-1600 N/A 10128 Telephone Rd. Houston
Michaels (713) 784-5900 N/A 6440 SW Fwy. Houston
Mirage (713) 682-2929 N/A 3416 W 34th St. Houston
Moments (281) 447-6881 N/A 9003 North Fwy. Houston
Playmates Caba... (713) 778-1440 N/A 9605 Southwest Fwy. Houston
Riviera (713)-781-0014 N/A 6224 Westheimer Rd. Houston
Scores Cabaret (713) 266-6560 N/A 9850 Westpark Dr. Houston
Silhouette Lou... (713) 668-5527 N/A 5920 Bellaire Blvd. Houston
Legends (713) 784-6333 N/A 6333 Richmond Houston
Houston Strip Club Overview

Houston Strip Clubs

Being that there is a huge selection of strip clubs in Houston there should be no excuse why you cant visit some of these wonderful and exciting clubs. A lot of people are big fans of Treasures when they are in Houston. This is a topless club that has a barrage of women. It seems that they have women coming out of the woodwork at Treasures! If your a man that loves a full bar when you are at a strip club then you are in luck because there are so many strip clubs in Houston that have full bars. All the alcohol that you could possibly want while you are enjoying some erotic dancing! Most of the clubs in Houston are lenient on their dress code policy as well so you don't have to worry about if you are wearing the right attire. You can just go as you are and be totally comfortable! If you are up in north west Houston you have to check out the strip club- Splendor! This is the best club in northwest Houston! The girls are amazing, it has a full bar, it is a topless club, and it is just an overall good time! So dont cheat yourself when you are in Houston, get out there and experience it all!

There are quite a few Strip clubs that you can go to when you are in Houston. Houston has some dynamite Strip clubs that are open to locals as well as visitors. Some of the Strip clubs that you can visit when you are in Houston are Babes, Baby Dolls, Centerfolds, Chances Cabaret, Chics Cabaret, Club Onyx, Cover Girls, Encounters, Exotica, Fantasy Cabaret, Gigis Cabaret, Glamour Girls Cabaret, Gold Cup, Harlem Knights, Hi-10 Cabaret, Houston Dolls, Kandi Land, Legs Cabaret, Michael's, Mirage, Moments, Obsession, Pink Monkeys, Playmates Cabaret, Ricks Cabaret, Ricks North, Ricks South, Scores Cabaret, Solid Platinum, Splendor, St James, Texas Dolls, The Mens Club, The Penthouse Club, Tigers Den, Treasures, Trophy Club, and XTC Cabaret South. As you have probably already realized, there is no shortage of strip clubs in Houston.

Not to long ago I can remember growing up and always turning on the television and watching the news complain about the strip club industry. Why do people find it so offensive to see a woman walking or dancing without her top on? Our country is so conservative when it comes to sexuality it is amazing. Maybe it is the fact we work in the adult industry but its shocking how people react to seeing a boob. Come on, get a life, it is a natural feature to the beauty of a woman. Strip clubs are not for everyone, but why do people who are the minority try to ruin everything for the majority. Today strip clubs seem to be a little more acceptable as the conservative hordes have found something else to go after. Living in Las Vegas it has become something which men do all the time and not shunned by everyone. Strip Clubs have transformed as well from the sleazy clubs to places with fine dinning, sports events and of coarse the beautiful ladies. In Houston we found research stating that strippers are accepted now by almost ninety percent of the population. The pole didnít inquiry women, but strippers are quite liked by men 30-65, while forty-three percent of the men frequent strip clubs often.

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