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Incall: Yes
Outcall: Yes
Hours: N/A
Escort Reviews: 0
Age: 41
Height: 5'5
Weight: 125 lb
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Implants: No
Build: Athletic
Race: German American
Stats: 36C
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Boston Escort Maya MahaDevi
(877) 380-0376 | |
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Escort Maya MahaDevi Escort Maya MahaDevi
About Me
I prefer that you go to My Website before Contacting Me !!

I am an Ivy League Educated Intellectual who aspires to Enhance and Empower Mankind through the Spiritual and Physical aspects of Kama {Gratification of the Senses}. I am happy to see many females in this industry following in my Footsteps of Treatment and Service. Introducing “WE” Wife Experience ~ How your wife should behave! “GFE” Girl Friend Experience ~ What to expect from your girlfriend! “TE” Teenager Experience ~ When we were young and naive! “When there exudes a fragrance, it often happens, the moon descends to the earth to sleep. Like the beauty of gold carved in sandalwood; my luscious body full of bliss, where, in your heart is awakened a desire. Every moment in this is like pearls strung on a thread. My beautiful face behind the veil, like the moon sailing through the clouds, what excitement grips the heart! It is the fragrance of passion through love~delight. I’ve been waiting in the middle of a storm and a jungle of questions has suddenly cropped up? There is a path strewn with thorns, and yet, my heart takes me there. From a pure heart comes pure love. From pure love comes a pure heart.” The Buddha realized that it is “not the results of human thinking, the ideas, beliefs, and formulas or the conceptual knowledge that matters; but rather the way, the method that leads to the results and the spiritual attitude behind them.”


  1. 20 years Experience in between studies, attaining my degrees and
    certificates through Multidisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Studies:
    1. Artium Baccalaureus Summa cum Laude ~ A.B. Humanities and Social
    2. Artium Magister ~ A.M. Ural-Altaic and Central Asian Studies
    3. Artium Doctorate ~ Art.D. Near and Middle Eastern Studies / East
      Asian Studies
    4. Artium Doctorate ~ Art.D. Religious Studies
    5. Certificate of Advanced Study ~ C.A.S. Socio-Cultural Anthropology ~
      Hermeneutics ~ Psychoanalysis South Asian Studies
    6. Certificate of Advanced Study C.A.S. ~Degree of Educational
      Specialist Ed.Sp. ~ Kama Sutra and Ananga Ranga Practical & Theory
      Studies, Tantric Studies { Patanjali Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga ~ Sahaj Marg
      / Jnana Yoga / Arhatic Yoga / Anahata Yoga / Kundalini Maha Yoga ~
      Shaktipat Initiation / Mahavidya Sadhanas Yoga ~ Bagalamukhi & Laksmi /
      Shaiva Siddhanta}
    7. Graduate Program Degree ~ B.A.M.S. Professional Ayurvedic Practical &
      Theory Studies ~ Vajikarana Andrology Science / 6696 Credit Hours

I integrate all what I know in my practice as a Divine True Lover of Life and Pleasure, dedicated to Kamadeva and to add to the magic, I invitingly tickle, toss and cajole you with absolute delight being the sole object in mind, not hesitating to enthrall you. I understand that some of you might not know what I am capable of, but my website explains in detail and there are links to educate you to understand the depth of who I am. I am told that I am not photogenic “You’re photos don’t do you justice”, so I look better in reality from my photos.

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